Wellness at Walgreens

Brand Repositioning

We once told a room full of executives, "Let's be honest, Walgreens is a place where people go to keep from dying, not to start living." From that day on, those same executives looked to Idea Booth to help reposition Walgreens as the place where consumers go to get, live, and stay well.

Idea Booth was challenged with launching Walgreen's first national brand intended to appeal to a younger, health-conscious consumer, Ology, in 2012. Initially, Walgreens wanted to market Ology as a "green product," believing that was what their health conscious customers wanted. However, we knew better. Although Walgreens had good intentions, the green market was misleading and oversaturated, so we told our client it was time to skip green and go clean.

Walgreen’s looked to Idea Booth to bring our passion, experience, and creativity to amplify their vision and to deliver the ‘Well at Walgreens’ message to a younger, health-conscious consumer in a variety of impactful ways.

Launching Ology

The launch of Ology successfully captured the attention of national media, generating 21.6+ million social media impressions, connected with 8.3 million consumers, acquired 5,000+ Facebook fans, and generated more than 100 blogger reviews in just a few weeks.

Ology went on to be the most successful private brand launch of 2012.