A new kind of nightlife

Designing an exclusive experience

The Society is a platform that allows members access to exclusive, branded events, while providing wine, beer, and spirit companies with a collaborative online platform to effortlessly manage the entire event process.

The platform effectively closes the data gap between liquor suppliers, agencies, and consumers. Mobile users can intuitively find and attend events where complimentary drinks will be served in exchange for basic information, RSVPs, and proof of attendance.

Geofencing is used to confirm individual attendance drawing key insights on event attendees. Liquor suppliers and their agencies can review and download this data from a cloud-based web application.

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Launching Soon

The Society will deliver powerful analytics and reporting tools to beverage distributors while offering users exclusive access to the hottest VIP events in their area. Currently in development, the application and cloud-based web app are set to launch in the Spring of 2017.