Six Labs Cannabis

Six Labs Cannabis

Six Labs (called “Big Rock“ at the time) is a group that came to Idea Booth in the summer of 2019 with an idea, but needed help realizing their goals, and building from the ground up. That idea was to start a cannabis grow in Michigan. With investment secured and land bought, the team partnered with Idea Booth to handle the rest: naming, logo, branding, design, product development, marketing plan, website--the entire gamut.

Idea Booth started by executing a deep dive with 15 individual stakeholders, holding hour-long one-on-one conversations discussing their visions, goals, and perceived risks for the brand. Idea Booth coupled that with immersing ourselves in the cannabis industry, not only in Michigan, but nationally to understand the current state from a consumer, grower, legal, and general perspective to be able to provide the best brand strategy for Big Rock. The entire project took approximately 2 months with multiple full-team, half-day workshops allowing Idea Booth to present their findings from the individual stakeholder interviews and market research with everyone present.

The result was a new name, alignment from all stakeholders on the long term vision of the brand and the opportunities ahead, along with a brand and marketing strategy roadmap to get the brand moving. Today, Idea Booth continues to help launch Six Lab’s sub brand and their continuing marketing and internal processes across the entire company, making Idea Booth their inside agency.


After performing the Discovery of the Six Labs brand strategy project, which involved 2 months of research and interviews with stakeholders and industry personnel, Idea Booth had the roadmap needed to begin execution on the Six Labs branding.

The first project and highest priority was an investor facing website. Idea Booth began by creating a single landing page for the Six Labs partners to be able to send their investors and media contacts to. Over time, the audience evolved, so the website had to as well. Contact pages, product pages, and a store locator were added as the audience of the website shifted from investors, to media, and eventually to consumers. During this process, Idea Booth had kept the original branding, messaging, and visuals of the original Brand Strategy developed during the Discovery phase to keep the brand consistent as the brand grew.

Packaging Design

One of the most important aspects of cannabis packaging is to make sure your brand sticks out on the ever-crowded shelves. Because we were designing packaging for wholesale flower, which could be sitting in the back room of a dispensary or on a shelf crowded with mylar bags, we knew we couldn’t design “ordinary” packaging. Our goal was to create instantly-recognizable packaging and products, impossible to mistake for another brand’s. We wanted a look and feel that was uniquely ours.

Our packaging needed a unique aesthetic budtenders and consumers alike could trust, one that matched the product customization we were delivering. We needed to make sure our products looked like they belonged in a swanky upscale shop and not behind the counter at a seedy gas station.

With those objectives in mind, we created an iteration of a standard coffee bag, scaled to fit 1 pound of cannabis flower. This packaging would not only contain the product better and protect the buds from getting crushed, but it would also stand apart from all of the standard mylar bags with black and white labels lazily slapped onto them. We created four bags that budtenders would gravitate towards and be excited to share with their customers.

Social Media

When it comes to managing a cannabis brand on social media, restrictions in advertising, type of photos and videos, and word choice in the copy are all strictly regulated by Facebook and Instagram. Idea Booth first had to become very familiar with the rules that different social media platforms have in place--the last thing we wanted was to build a brand and following of thousands of fans, only for the Facebook or Instagram page to be taken down because of a faulty post. That said, Idea Booth has successfully been able to now set up, establish, and create content for 6 of Six Labs brands on social media. This is done through monthly content planning and content shoots where our creative team plans out the photos and videos to capture, film, and edit before posting them on social media. Additionally, management and monitoring means Idea Booth is the customer services center for Six Labs and their sub-brands as customers reach out for questions, feedback, and/or are talking and posting pictures of the Six Labs products online on social media, creating an opportunity to engage and connect with customers and create personal connections with them.