Pirro's Sauce

Pirro’s Sauce

In December 2019, when Idea Booth began working with Pirros’s Sauce, a family-owned, nationally sold pasta sauce, the challenge was to build a social media presence that embodied the personality and story of the owner, Brianna Pirro.

We built a successful social media strategy, creating consistent, original, on-brand content to showcase beautiful recipe photos and videos. We also ran ads across Facebook and Instagram to grow the Pirro’s Sauce audience from less than 1,000 followers to more than 6,000 followers in less than 5 months. After this strategy was implemented and flowing consistently month to month, it was time to tackle a new, more tangible challenge — increasing online sales. Because pasta sauce has a longer shelf life than other common food products like bread or vegetables, it can be stored easily and sold nationally through distributors like Amazon.

How Facebook Ads Drove a 111% Spike in Daily Amazon Sales

Idea Booth examined insights on Amazon’s Seller Central to determine where there were opportunities to direct Pirro’s ever growing social media fans and followers to purchase Pirro’s Sauce directly online. We ran A/B testing using product images, recipe images with products in the background, even recipe video content to test which ads performed the best to drive click throughs from Facebook to Amazon and direct purchases. Almost instantly we produced results. Daily sales spiked by 111% from $88/day to $186/day. That significant success illustrates clearly that when you make it easy for a targeted audience to see and purchase your product, your brand will grow on- and offline.

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