MIsix Cannabis

MIsix Cannabis

Idea Booth’s partnership with Six Labs has extended beyond a traditional client/agency relationship over the last few years. Six Labs and Idea Booth in partnership have developed a strategy for how to expand the brand with a forward thinking approach. This involves taking learnings from other industries, namely the CPG industry, on how a company can approach their different products and offerings. Through Idea Booth and Six Lab’s work together, the strategy requires new brands for some new products, one of which was MIsix.

When a product that a brand makes is geared towards a specific consumer at a specific price point, it could make sense to create a sub-brand to market it under. With MIsix, Idea Booth and Six Labs determined that they needed a no-frills, quality cannabis brand. With this came the genesis of MIsix. MIsix is different from other brands: the products offered (popcorn and shake), very competitive price points, and simple variations (sativa, indica, hybrid). The teams created a good, premium cannabis product for regular users who know what they want.

Packaging Design

With cannabis packaging taking the design world by storm, we decided to be a little rebellious with the popcorn packaging for MIsix Cannabis. Our goal was to appeal to the consumers who see themselves as free spirits, and are often anti-establishment. We wanted the packaging to look direct, upfront, and a little bit grungy.

No frills. No gloss. Informal with a hint of protest. This product is made to be used, not admired.

But the creative challenge was that the product still needed to stand out on shelves and catch the eye of the consumer. So what did we do to find that happy medium? We kept the colors minimal and gritty, using the deep indigos and browns of the brand and utilizing kraft paper tubes that gave the package that earthy feel. We incorporated metallic embossed seals and metallic Pantone accents to add that bit of flash that would entice the consumer to pick up the package. The white label with the product variable information not only brightens up the packaging overall, but also doubles as a tamper seal.


Being responsible for all of the Six Labs brands, Idea Booth was also tasked with setting up a website that showcased the MIsix brand, following the branding the Idea Booth team had initially designed. The website is currently in its early stage of a splash page that solidifies the brand and provides a place for consumers to go to to visit the brand, learn about the product, and stay engaged by linking to the MIsix social media channels.

Social Media

Similar to other national challenges that the cannabis industry faces, social media is no different. Restrictions in advertising, type of photos and videos, what is written in the copy are all strictly regulated by Facebook and Instagram when it comes to managing a cannabis brand’s social media. With MIsix, Six Labs, and all of the other brands that Idea Booth manages, this is no different. Working with the Six Lab’s team, Idea Booth puts together monthly content plans outlining the new products, events, specials, and marketing concepts to put forth on social media. That content plan gets reviewed, brainstormed, and approved by Six Labs, before Idea Booth goes in and captures photos and videos over the course of a 2 day shoot. The content is then sent back for editing and post production before being scheduled to be shared on social media throughout the next month. This process repeats on a monthly basis, while daily Idea Booth’s social media manager makes sure that customer inquiries are responded to and any content posted about the MIsix brand are acknowledged, heard, and communicated back to.