Social Media Advertising


Connie’s Pizza

How does an iconic pizza brand build value and generate ROI with social media that drives actual revenues? They go beyond passive posting—they base their strategy on specific business goals, collect data intelligently, and know how to act on it in a way that drives meaningful results. Connie's Pizza is one of the lucky, or rather smart, brands that has managed to build its social media strategy—or as they call it, social intelligence—program into a strategic value driver: it contributes towards revenue goals in a measurable way.

Connie’s Pizza, a long time client of ours, reached back out to rejuvenate their digital presence. One of the first tasks we had was to help use social media advertising to help drive Connie’s Pizza’s sales of their top promotions, one of those being “Pizza Mondays” where Connie’s offers their large one-topping pizzas for half price every Monday.

Social Media Advertising

After auditing their current social media strategy and cross referencing with their Pizza Monday sales, we saw an opportunity to reach a larger, and more targeted audience, which would drive engagement that increased sales both online and in-store.

We worked with Connie’s to develop a highly targeted demographic within Connie’s delivery radius, and began putting advertising dollars behind Connie’s Pizza Monday social media posts and Facebook Ads to reach a larger audience with a compelling message about the Connie’s Pizza Monday deal and drive them to the online ordering page.

  • By creating well targeted and performing marketing funnel, we were able to help Connie’s Pizza exceed their social reach, by using boosted posts to show their advertisement to a larger number of customers, and provide them with an easy to understand and easy to execute on message of ordering half of pizzas.

  • The results? Daily sales of Pizza Monday redemptions before and after implementing social media advertising were a sight to see:

  • 49% increase in the average number of redemptions

  • 42% increase in sales related to the Pizza Monday deal

  • Not only did we increase the number of redemptions and sales, but we introduced (and reintroduced) Connie’s Pizza to an audience that can be converted to loyal, repeat customers.