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BrainFutures Conference 2017

BrainFuture's mission is to advance the future of mental health by promoting findings in treatments and programs that produce superior results combining digital therapies and new medications with self-care strategies including mindfulness, exercise, diet and fitness.

In anticipation of their 2017 conference, we created an immersive online experience highlighting the latest advances in brain science and the people and organizations pushing the limits of what's possible. We worked with the team at BrainFutures to place them on the national stage–launching a custom CMS backed mobile responsive website we set out to promote and build excitement around the 2017 conference while creating an experience to promote brand awareness allowing the organization to become a respected leader in the field of mental health.

Ideabooth created a site experience that showcases the organization's groundbreaking content while giving them the digital tools to continue into the future.

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