Bellissimo Bar Company

Bellissimo Bar Company

How does a newly founded mobile bar truck company that makes its sales through large events and gatherings utilize a pandemic to prepare for the future? It takes the down time to put their head down and plan for success. Bellissimo Bar Company came to us just as the COVID-19 pandemic was starting and instead of getting down on themselves and “taking time off” with their business stalled, they used this time to plan for the future so that they are ready to hit the ground running when things get back to our new normal. But they didn’t know where to start.

While most agencies try to sell you their services as the solution to your unique problems, we take a different approach. Bellissimo Bar Co. was struggling with which marketing channels to focus on and how to execute: “Should I redo my website?”, “We need to do email marketing”, “We always advertise in magazines”. Instead of selling them social media ads or an SEO strategy, we decided that their budget would best be used towards having us work in a strategic role with their company to help them build a marketing plan unique to them.

Marketing Strategy

We did this by performing market research, including internal stakeholder business goal assessments, customer insight through customer interviews, analysis of competitors (both local and national) to determine how the top performing mobile bar trucks are driving their business, and interviews with experienced industry professionals to gather insider knowledge on how to get mobile bar businesses up and running.

What this allowed us to do was determine how currently successful businesses were finding and attracting leads, while also cross referencing that with direct customer interviews to see how they were finding mobile bar companies.

While this wasn’t a traditional execution project, the end result for the client was a marketing strategy that they could execute on. It showed them where to use their marketing budget (and equally importantly where not to use it), which marketing channels to pay for advertising on, and how to communicate messaging with their customers in order to drive them through the lead funnel. Since the end of the project, Bellissimo Bar Co. has already locked up events (small size, but during a pandemic!) and will be equipped with a plan once the world begins to go back to a new normal routine.